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VIP Floral Classes・Private Classes・Public Relation Events・Team Building


Tailored made French Floral Experiences

  • Offsite workshop for a special occasion or event – creating memorable floristry experiences for family, friends, and colleagues
  • Team building experiences – scheduling a stimulating and creative session for your colleagues, ensuring we help achieve the key objectives of your day
  • Estate Clubhouses, Private Clubs, Members Clubs social event workshops, available in person or virtually
  • Private training sessions for groups – popular solution for those who have a specific skill in mind: Gift Wrapping, Visual Merchandise Practise, Festive Hampers Making
  • The possibilities are endless


LPV FLOWER SCHOOL is constantly working with different luxury brands in high fashion, jewelleries, hotels, and corporates to understand and fulfil their needs in order to develop the creativities and and recommendations that best fit our clients’ needs and interests

  • PR Events – create elevated French floral design and styling for all types of events
  • New Product Launching
  • Regular flowers contracts for luxury boutiques, hotels, restaurants, offices, and showrooms – composing a unique and beautiful arrangements for you and your clients.
  • Branding Consultation – provide Product, Services, or Store Design Brand Strategy
  • Business Mentorship for flower shops, florists, hotels and other related floral business – buying techniques, inventory, training, staffing and design support
  • Interior Design and Staging – providing creative floral decor and styling solutions to effortlessly transform a space

Thank you so much for arrangement the amazing in-store workshop on such a short notice! Everything went so flawlessly and smoothly together and our VIP customers enjoyed each and every single on-site workshop so very much! On behalf of our brand and Asia Pacific HQ, we appreciate your hard work and effort!

– J.M.

Our Clients


A fragrance that is mixed with the smell of garden roses, fresh and elegant, from France. We were invited by DIOR at Galaxy Macau for onsite bouquet classes to promote their new product with a freshly made hand-tied small bouquet, so our customers could see, and smell a little bit of France from the fresh roses.

MACAU ROYAL HOTEL - Floral Class with Afternoon Tea Set

In our busiest day-to-day lives, sometimes we need to sit down and relax a bit.

Why not join MACAU ROYAL HOTEL for an afternoon tea set combined making your own floral arrangement to enjoy your leisure afternoon with a bit of smell, taste, and fun?


Once a year, there is an open day of the Macau Government Headquarters open to public for the weekend.

In this specific weekend, the rooms along with the antique furniture will be at display for public to view, altogether with the floral decorations designed for three specific rooms.

We are proud to present our works throughout the years working for the Macau Government with the floral decorations.

Tiffany & Co. - The Four Seasons

“The Blue Book collection for 2018 explodes every convention of high jewellery design. Brash primary colours have been replaced by subtle nuance and texture. Designs once constructed around a showy central stone have become thoughtful, layered gems joined together in lyrical washes of colour.

And where symmetry and tradition once ruled, surprise, abstraction and tension create a new kind of poetry. These are jewels with a heartbeat, meant to be worn and lived with.
Their sensibility is rooted in Tiffany & Co.’s legacy of naturalism.
Their soul lives in modern life. Each piece reflects the purity of nature, the flow of the seasons, the clarity of the living world.

Their artistry and unconventional beauty define a new future.”


“Nature has been inspiring us since 1828.

For more than 12 year, we have placed its conservation at the heart of our commitment, in the name of beauty.

We act for biodiversity, eco-design, climate and solidarity.

Above all,

We protect one of our planet’s most important assets bees.”