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PFD Level 1 – August-November 2023 Weekday (B)



PFD Level 1 Diploma course introduces the fundamental knowledge of French floral design: styles, expressions, and techniques.

From learning the history of the origins of French floral designs, to the nature of flowers, to the combination of colours, to the proportion of the composition, this course introduces a more in depth French floral deigns background that triggers your interests.


Details about this course’s schedule, please see here.

In Class B, the below techniques and styles are introduced:

1. French Candles Table Flower Arrangement with Mass Unique Technique

2. French Bridal Bouquet (foam)

3. French Dispersed Multilevel Bouquet

4. French Floral Crown, Corsage and Boutonnière Design

5. French Hand-tied Bouquet with Mass Unique Technique

6. French Asymmetrical Triangular Table Flower Arrangement

7. French Vintage Multilevel Semicircle Table Flower Arrangement

8. French Kite Shape Table Flower Arrangement



  • Class A & Class B together as the prerequisites for PFD Level 1 Diploma. The enrolment does not discriminate the class’ registration order.
  • Class A Fee: Tuition HKD $7,000 (Total 11 periods, 8 individual works + 4 group projects); Material Fee HKD $8,800, Total HKD $15800
  • Class B Fee: Tuition HKD $7,000 (Total 11 periods, 8 individual works + 4 group projects); Material Fee HKD $8,800, Total HKD $15800
  • For those who have never been participated PFD course have to attend the preparation course (Session 1)
  • Class A + Class B Examination Fee, material fee, PFD Level 1 Diploma total HKD $2,500
  • Charges for retaking the examination HKD $1,500
  • Class enrolment is based on the payment of tuition. Material fee should be paid and confirmed before class commences.
  • Course registration before 31/JUL/2023 will get the early bird discount – HKD $1,500
  • 2 classes together 10% off / 2 people together 10% off (must finish both class on the same semester) / Pre-registered students 12% off (not applicable to other discount offerings)
  • Aforementioned promotions can only be used once and based on the subjectivity of discount
  • Every student can be absent for 2 periods. The missed classes will be made up in next semester
  • Including one set of floral tools (Japanese floral scissors, German floral knife), LPV apron, LPV floral bag & notebook (Class A & Class B only 1 set)
  • Including tuition and material fee
  • Including snacks and drinks
  • Including photography
  • For health and safety reason, all students must wear medical masks for classes



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Date: October 16, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Organizer Name: LPV Flowers School
Phone: (852) 2330 0130 / (852) 2330 0203