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Mar-JUN PFD Level 1 Diploma course is now open for register

Do you have a dream? Is your dream something that you want to do for the rest of your life? Does it have anything related to the world of nature, art, or aesthetics? If so, you’er in a right place.

Here in LPV Flower School, you will be able to learn French floral arrangement starting from scratch. You will be able to learn all the different techniques, expressions, styles that are needed and often used in French floral arrangements e.g. bouquet, table flowers, ceremonial decoration, etc.

We are the only flower school here in Hong Kong franchised from the prestigious PRIVERDIE FORMATIONS FLEURISTES (France). You will not only become a possible florist, but an artist of its own.

Come join us and know more!

Introduction of LPV Flower School:

PIVERDIE FORMATIONS FLEURISTES is recognized national-wide by the French government, as well as by FAFF (Fédération Française des Artisans Fleuristes). Our diploma courses (PFD, PFF, PFFC, PFAM) are all recognized by the French Ministry of Education as well as the European Union.

Our school is the renowned pioneer for both the floristry and education center of French floral design in France. Our instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced in floral designs, not to mention our Master Florists who are also MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), the most prestigious title of expertise for life that can only be earned through the national competitions.

Our edge is having a very complete and thorough floral education programme for everyone. We will also invite our instructors (even MOF) from France to Hong Kong for students to experience the “Master Class” from time to time. We also have courses that take place in France, which is at the famous and beautiful castle – Château de Brissac.