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French Bouquet Certification Course (Beginner)

Bouquet Class Fee: HKD $5,380 (tuition fee HKD $2,380, material fee HKD $3,000).

2 people together 10% off / Pre-registered students 12% off.

(Please contact us for the promotion code if the condition is fulfilled)

By learning the most fundamental technique used in the bouquet universally, this course is the beginner course that introduces the commonly used materials (flowers, leaves) and the spiral technique.


Upon finishing this course will receive “French Flower Bouquet Course – Beginner” certification issued by LPV Flower School with PIVERDIE FORMATION FLEURISTE DESIGN.


Course Content:

  1. French Small Bouquet & Wrapping
  2. Mini Dry Flowers Bouquet & Wrapping
  3. Rose Only Bouquet & Wrapping
  4. Vintage Hand-Tied Bouquet Design with Vase
  5. Biodegradable Bouquet & Wrapping

Available Courses


  • French Bouquet Certification Course – Beginner (August 2021 Weekday) – Open for Registration
  • Timetable: 2021 August 20, 27, September 03, 10, 17 (19:00 – 22:00)
  • French Bouquet Certification Course – Beginner (2021 Weekday) – COMING SOON



  • French Bouquet Certification Course – Beginner (2021 Weekend) – COMING SOON