dance academy

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Student Notice

  1. Course Registration
    • Course tuition and material fee can be paid via the followings: cash, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or PayMe.
    • Please keep the receipt, course registration form, and course schedule with you.
    • If the enrollment of the course is insufficient (less than our expected rate), LPV HK reserves all rights to cancel the course and inform all students about the details.
  1. Payment
    • All paid tuition and material fee will not be refunded under normal circumstances, except when the course enrollment rate is insufficient.
    • Once the course registration period is cut off, regardless the circumstances, the registration cannot be canceled or changed, but is subjected to pass on to another person. The student must inform LPV HK for the changes prior to the course commences.
    • If a student drops out in the middle of the course, all paid charges will not be refunded.
    • Any course related promotions cannot be used with other on going promotions at the same time (e.g. payment discount, free courses, and etc.)
  1. Leave & Course Compensation
    • All students must be on time (check in at school 10 minutes before class commences).
    • Since the materials used for the course have their own timespan according to the seasons, and they will be different based on the class syllabus, LPV HK will only compensate the 2 absent classes on next semester. Students can also take back the class materials within 3 days after the absent class.
    • All courses’ attendance must be higher than 70% of attendance rate for the entrance of the diploma exam.
  1. Others
    • Any money related arrangements made privately between students and teachers about courses and the use of the classroom without LPV HK’s consent will not be recognised and therefore LPV HK will not be responsible for any arguments caused between both parties.
    • The course introduction details and outlines are for references only. Teachers reserve the rights to change and amend the materials based on the proficiency of the students and the materials’ supply situation.
    • LPV HK will photograph and film in class situation for marketing, and we reserves all rights to the intellectual properties for all the media copies. Should a student not allow such arrangement, please inform our staff for your request and concern.


  1. I have read and understood the above notice for the course’s arrangements with compliance.
  2. I agree to all the terms and guidelines set by the company. If there are any special circumstances, such as injury, illness or property loss during the course, except that it is proved to be caused by the negligence of LPV HK, LPV HK is not required to bear any legal or financial responsibility.
  3. LPV HK has insured HKD $ 1 million third party insurance.