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VIP Floral Classes・Private Classes・Public Relation Events・Team Building



Tailored made French Floral Experiences

  • Offsite workshop for a special occasion or event – creating memorable floristry experiences for family, friends, and colleagues
  • Team building experiences – scheduling a stimulating and creative session for your colleagues, ensuring we help achieve the key objectives of your day
  • Estate Clubhouses, Private Clubs, Members Clubs social event workshops, available in person or virtually
  • Private training sessions for groups – popular solution for those who have a specific skill in mind: Gift Wrapping, Visual Merchandise Practise, Festive Hampers Making
  • The possibilities are endless



LPV FLOWER SCHOOL is constantly working with different luxury brands in high fashion, jewelleries, hotels, and corporates to understand and fulfil their needs in order to develop the creativities and and recommendations that best fit our clients’ needs and interests。

  • Expert Consulting Services: Elevating Your Brand with Exquisite Floral Design. At LPV Flower School, our passion for exceptional floral design extends beyond the classroom. We collaborate with luxury brands across high fashion, jewelry, hospitality, and corporate sectors to craft bespoke creative solutions that cater to each client’s unique needs and preferences.
  • PR Events: Enhance your special events with our sophisticated French floral design and styling, tailored to suit any occasion.
  • Product Launches: Make a lasting impression with our captivating floral arrangements, designed to complement and elevate your new product unveiling.Floral Contracts: Enliven your luxury boutiques, hotels, restaurants, offices, and showrooms with our exquisite, custom-crafted arrangements, guaranteed to delight both you and your clientele.
  • Branding Consultation: Strengthen your brand identity through our comprehensive strategy services, encompassing product, service, and store design consultation.
  • Business Mentorship: Benefit from our industry expertise and guidance as we support your flower shops, florists, hotels, and other floral businesses with purchasing techniques, inventory management, training, staffing, and design assistance.
  • Interior Design & Staging: Transform your spaces with our innovative floral decor and styling solutions, adding an effortless touch of elegance and refinement.Trust LPV Flower School’s professional consulting services to enrich your brand and business with the timeless beauty of French floral design.

Our Customers

Guest thanks:

We truly appreciate your efforts in organizing such a fantastic in-store workshop at the last minute! The event proceeded seamlessly, delighting our VIP customers with every engaging on-site workshop. On behalf of our brand and Asia Pacific HQ, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your dedication and hard work! – J.M. – J.M


Dior -Pink city

DIOR – PINK CITY To feel the authentic roses’ fragrance directly from France, LPV was honoured to be invited by DIOR, and held a bouquet making class at Galaxy Macau. During the event, customers used fresh roses to make a

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GUERLAIN – BEE GARDEN “Nature has been inspiring us since 1828. For more than 12 year, we have placed its conservation at the heart of our commitment, in the name of beauty. We act for biodiversity, eco-design, climate and solidarity.

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MACAU GOVERNMENT HEADQUARTERS OPEN DAY Once a year, there is an open day of the Macau Government Headquarters open to public for the weekend. In this specific weekend, the rooms along with the antique furniture will be at display for

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TIFFANY & CO.-Eng – THE FOUR SEASONS “The Blue Book collection for 2018 explodes every convention of high jewellery design. Brash primary colours have been replaced by subtle nuance and texture. Designs once constructed around a showy central stone have

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