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Piverdie French Floral Design Academy


In 1967, when there was a shortage of talents in the French florist industry, with the promotion and promotion of the former French Minister of Agriculture, the PIVERDIERE Educational Association was formally established in Angers, hoping to provide young women with a professional craft, and attached accreditation to provide national florist Certificate CAP Fleuriste course.

At the beginning of the association, the location was on the territory of the castle of PIVERDIERE, hence the name PIVERDIERE.

For centuries, Angers and the surrounding urban areas have been famous for planting flowers and green plants all year round. Therefore, the early PIVERDIE Education Association benefited from such an environment to train floral artists.

In 1975, a large number of working floral artists proposed to continue their studies and improved their requirements. In order to meet their needs, PIVERDIE, a school that provided professional training for working floral artists, came into being that filled the gap that to train working floral artists at that time.

In 1978, PIVERDIE participated in the Salon National PLANTIFLOR flower exhibition held in Paris for the first time as a higher floral academy, and later changed its name to HORTIFLOR. Through this exhibition, PIVERDIE officially became famous in the country.

Since then, PIVERDIE has developed as a model for floral education that attracted people from all over the world to study. In Asia, the brand has now 4 ambassadors:

Ms. Fumiko Hashizume – Japan

Ms. Julia Kim – South Korea

Mr. Michael Pat – Macau & Hong Kong

Ms. Sylvia Lee – Taiwan

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Our proud students who have successful graduated their PFD Level 1 & Level 2 Diploma course in 2018 & 2019.